Always Ashair

Spiritual 'Medium' – Working with your Inner Guide only.

About Me

 Ndewo (‘Hello’), my name is Ngozi Ashair. I am a Spiritual ‘Medium’ – bringing directions/instructions/guidance from your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path to you.

I am led by my Spirit/Personal Guide/Path to connect to what people need on their Path, when they need it.


Besides this, I am also led to share some general information that you may find useful on your Path/Journey in life – perhaps it is something you have always felt/known but you believe you need confirmation or it is something you didn’t realise you needed to know and it suddenly clicks, after reading.

No matter the reason you are on this site, you are welcome.


I will only point you to your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path. This is what you should follow. My general posts and/or specific guidance – should you ask for it, will always be to get you there. You do not necessarily need anyone to guide you, as long as you are following your Personal Guide/Spirit/Path but some may need help getting to that point and/or being confident in that place of self-reliance.

This is why I am here – to help.

It is my hope that this is the beginning of your Journey on your Path or your confidence in yourself and Personal Guide/Spirit/Path.

It is my desire that everyone arrives at this point in their lives.


I live in England, UK.

If you are drawn/led to contact me, you are welcome to do so. My email address is


Always, Ashair.