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Hello and Welcome to this section of Ashair is a Superphysical Medium and Counselor, who is not involved with any spiritual or religious group.

This Site has been set up as a general guidance page for anyone who is ready for it. You may consider it a ‘Superphysical Lifestyle Website’.


A few phrases and their meaning, in regards to this Site.

Here, the word ‘Superphysical’ means anything outside the physical or material world – anything perceived beyond the physical senses. It can also be called ‘Spiritual‘ but we prefer to use the word Superphysical.

‘Superphysical Guide‘ refers to what some may call Holy Spirit or Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel or Voice of God or Spirit of God or Higher Self or Pure Conscience. This is what leads you (or should lead), naturally.

The word ‘Spirit’ or ‘Superphysical Being’ is what some may refer to as Inner Being or Soul or Heart or Instinct. This is what drives you (or should drive), naturally.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is what it is to you.


Also here, the term ‘Spiritual or Superphysical Medium‘ refers to someone who communicates with Spirit or Superphysical Being to receive and deliver messages, when drawn. A Superphysical Counselor is one who receives guidance from Superphysical Guide and delivers the message, when led.


What Ashair does

Ashair guides people in the specifics of their daily lives, to pay attention to their Superphysical Being and Guide, in order to thrive on their Life Path. Ashair works with those who know that there’s more to Life and want to get to it. People are taught how to personally become aware of, learn to communicate with and follow the guidance of their Superphysical Being and Guide, in each specific area of their choosing. This is all that is needed for anything in life.

When they’ve got the hang of it and/or feel led to move on, they do so. Some still stay in touch but the aim is for them to move on and flourish as a Master of their own life, with their Superphysical Being and Guide as their Highest Authority.


This Website is free with messages that will help you in your life.

To work with Ashair for your personal specific messages about anything:

Initial consultation with Ashair is free.

Afterwards, each consultation costs £20.

Note: A consultation = a full message to and a full response from Ashair. Note that the response can take a while and a lot of energy is expended afterwards – from communion with Superphysical Being and Guide regarding your message, to writing down the guidance received in order to send to you.


Ashair does not exclude those who cannot afford to pay. Therefore still get in touch, regardless.

When you are ready, please feel free to send a message to start on your Path and freedom. Each person’s Path is different, so the help given is always tailored to the individual.



To contact, please send a message via this contact form or send an email to

Thank you.