Q: Why is pride bad? Must we all be humble?


A: You may know by now that humility, meekness and modesty are praised in society while pride, which is said by society to be the opposite of humility, is often seen as a bad thing.


According to society’s definition, let us rephrase how we see these terms, on this site.


■ To be humble or seen as humble, you have to either think low of yourself or pretend to think low of yourself. You have to let others or pretend to let others tell you how highly they think of you, instead, while you calmly thank them for seeing what you don’t see and insist that they are being too generous with their words.


■ To be meek or seen as meek, you have to see yourself as or pretend that you see yourself as someone who is not worthy (to be at the top, a leader, great, etc). You have to let others or pretend to let others tell you that you are, instead, while you shyly insist that you are not.


■ To be modest or seen as modest, you have to always play down who you are, your abilities and strengths and possibly mainly highlight your weaknesses to balance things out. If you cannot do this, you must pretend because other people should let you know what your strengths are, highlight them and praise you, while you refuse to or pretend to refuse to accept their high opinions of you.


■ To be seen as proud, you have to do the opposite of these things, basically.



■ If you have followed the sequence of posts on this site, you must have seen how knowing who one is, is highly important and key to life. If you were not aware before, by following the posts, you must have realised who you are or are on the road to realising this.

When you know who you are, you hold on to it, you stick to it, you do not play it down in order to please anyone or make anybody else comfortable.

However, you do not need to shout it in someone’s face either, or share your knowledge of who you are with everyone, whether they care to know or not. Just like you don’t have to play it down to please anyone, you also do not have to state it or show it off, to please anyone. You just are who you are, unapologetically.


■ According to society’s definition, humility is having a low view of one’s importance or abilities.

According to society, one must be humble.


■ According to superphysicality, one must never be humble – to have a low view of one’s importance, abilities or anything about oneself.

According to superphysicality, one is highly important, worthy, great and powerful. One must know this, accept this, own it and live it. Therefore, one must be proud of who and what one is, have high self-esteem, be self-assured and confident. Humility helps no one but makes others, who do not know who they are, feel better about themselves and be more comfortable around you.


■ What superphysicality says not to be is ‘condescending’ and ‘arrogant’. One must never look down on anyone else simply because everyone is equal. However, not everyone knows, accepts, owns and therefore, lives this. One must never see oneself as superior, because one never is.

How can you look down on or see yourself as superior to another being when they are exactly what you are – powerful, highly important, worthy, etc?

Or how can you look down on or see yourself as superior to another person who is not living in their fullness yet?

You are no longer standing with your Being and Guide, when you do so.


■ No one is better or worse, greater or less than anyone else. You just only have those who know this and those who don’t; those who are living this and those who are not.


■ One must not apologise for living in their fullness because one will only be perpetuating the lack of awareness of who others are, by doing this. One should shine the light on and for others to see who they are, at every opportunity one gets, while standing true to who one is, whether it makes others comfortable or not.


■ Some people do mistake these terms. Some will tell you that some spiritual teachers, religious figures, etc were all humble.

We say this to you. No one, who knows who they are and teaches others who they are, is humble. For you cannot have a low opinion of yourself while telling others about who they are – which can only be spoken highly of.

Instead, some of them are/were people who also know/knew they are not greater or less than others, therefore they do/did not carry themselves as such.


■ Look at children, none of them are born naturally humble or meek or modest. They stand tall, proud and self-assured, until they are taught to not be. They know their worth, praise themselves and even revel in the praise of others, until they are taught to do the opposite. They do not see themselves as better or worse, greater or less than others, until they are taught to compete with others.


■ The act of showing humility is in itself not humility. It is simply an act.

Humility is also either an act or a misguided opinion of oneself.

The greatest of these is Love. For with Love, you see everyone as you see yourself. This can only be seen in the heart and since you cannot read the heart except Spirit reveals it to you, you might as well focus on your own Path.



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