From the last few posts here, we have discussed the Spirit, which is your Superphysical Being and the driving force of your life. We have also discussed the Superphysical Guide and Omni. (You can click on these links to read them: Your Superphysical Being;  and the 5-part series, starting with: What are they?| The Being, The Mind and The Guide)


Let’s talk about who or what people call God.

The concept of Omni is what many refer to as God. Again, the term used is not as relevant as what it all means to each person. Names, do not matter in the Superphysical. Functions do.


You may have heard the following phrases:

  • You are all Gods,
  • God is within you,
  • God’s Will be done,
  • God lives in you, etc.


These are phrases many people say without knowing exactly what it means or how it works.

If you have read the last few posts here, you will understand that your Being is what is within the body, living in your body, moving your body. Your Being is God, which is Omni, in the same way that when you scoop water from a river and put it in a cup, it is still water and not something else. It is just water from that river, but in a cup. It is part of the river but none the less its own water. The river is just bigger in amount but not in quality. It is the same. Therefore, if your Being is part of God and none the less God and if your Being is you, then what are you?

You said it: God.


Now most people who use these phrases above really just say them but when it gets serious, they shy away from hearing that they are indeed God, as if God is something separate from them and they can never live up to “Him”. In fact, they call it blasphemy, yet it was written in some of the religious books, but not only written, it is true and if you follow your Guide, you will know this yourself.

The only time someone sees this truth as something to shy away from or get angry about is when that person is following the Mind. The Mind, with its societal filter, alters one’s superphysical consciousness. Your Body is the physical you. Your Mind is part of what makes up the physical you. Your Being is the eternal you, the conscious you, the true you, which can never be added to or taken away from, when it comes to the physical. It is incorruptible and unchangeable. It is what it is and will always be, etc. This is what God is.


God is within everyone = Everyone has their own Being, which is part of God, which is God.

God lives in you = Your Being, which is part of God, which is God lives in you.

You are God = You are your Being, which is part of God, which is God.

God’s Will be done = Your Being’s Will/plans, which are your inner and true plans when you really dig deep, must be done.


There is no one outside of you that is calling the shots for your life. Your Being is – You are calling the shots for your life. Your Guide and Omni just make it happen. Your Guide shows the way, Omni provides whatever is required. It all works together.

In a sense, it is all God – Your Being, Your Guide and Omni. So, each person has their own ‘Trinity or 3-functional God’ and it all works out for each one according to their Being’s plans (their innermost desires).


There is no one you need to pray to, in order to get your needs met. It already is. You only need to go within and get to know your true self/Being, your true desires/plans and follow them each time they come up, as your Guide leads you in the hows, whens and wheres and everything will always fall into place. Your Will/God’s Will is already being done, when you do.



What does this all mean?

The fact that you are part of God – and therefore, God – doesn’t mean you are greater than anyone and should find a soap box, wherever you go, declaring “I am God”.

How can you be greater than anyone else, if all Beings – of everyone else – are also God? Therefore, if this presents a “pride trip” in you, you have left where your Being and Guide are and have gone to the Mind. That is the only place pride can come from.

The thing is, it shouldn’t be a big deal. It shouldn’t present anything other than for you to know that your Being – and everyone else’s – is not some helpless soul that needs to heal and learn lessons. It is powerful and all it is and ever will be is a vibration of Love, Freedom, Joy, Peace, Satisfaction, Prosperity, etc. Therefore, every experience it goes for matches what it is.

Therefore, allowing your Being to lead the way will bring you into a space with the above vibration – even in the midst of the opposite, from a physical point of view.

This space can be anything from material things, emotions, environment, people, etc.



If you need more help, we are here for you.


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