The Superphysical Being is what some know as the Spirit/Inner Being/Inner Self/Soul, etc. It does not “think” or communicate through words but through feelings. It is different from your Mind or your Superphysical Guide, which can communicate through many ways, including words.

For example: You FEEL like going for a walk or a run and you suddenly have the energy to do so, even when you were physically tired, a while ago. This feeling and energy will not subside until you do.


Your Mind, however can want to take a walk or go for a run and you have little or no energy to do so. You may not even be tired but you don’t FEEL like taking a walk or going for a run, you just WANT to do so – perhaps because you believe you should, which then gives you the motivation to do so.

If you pay close attention to your Being – through how you feel, you could find out what it’s saying by what you actually feel like doing at that time and do it or you could still go for the run. It is up to you.


This can be applied to any scenario in your life.

Have you ever been involved in something or focused on something that gave you such satisfaction and joy that you didn’t feel like eating for so many hours – more than usual? The joy and satisfaction and complete focus just fuelled you to keep going.


Have you ever felt this way:

You feel like eating but don’t want to eat or you want to eat but don’t really feel like eating? One is the Being, giving your body a signal to taste or not, the other is your Mind.

Have you ever felt like eating a particular food but your Mind takes over and you end up eating something else – perhaps you think/believe it is better?


Have you ever known something so strongly even when you could not explain it and somehow you found out you were right? Have you ever known for sure you felt like going somewhere or doing something and regardless of all the opposition and discouragement you received, you went or did it anyway and it turned out well?

That’s your Being.



How your Being functions

Sometimes, what your Being is saying comes as a push which you cannot control or ignore and whatever you feel at that time is what you do, other times what it is saying is subtle or less pushy and easily ignored. This does not mean you should ignore it, if you truly want to live authentically, it just means it is not urgent or ‘temporary’ – meaning it can be experienced in many different ways and there are lots of opportunities that will come up for that experience. It is a lasting feeling till it’s done, as opposed to the former, which must be at that particular time you are being drawn to do it.

For example, you can compare your Being to the Wind. Sometimes, it is lightly blowing and flowing gently, other times it is more “aggressive”, so to speak and would push down anything in its way.

That’s what your Being is like. Flow with it by becoming aware of how you feel.



Thinking and Feeling

It can be difficult for many people, who have lived by their Mind – societal expectations, constructs, etc, to differentiate between how they feel and how they think they feel or how they should feel.

This takes a process of getting to know who you really are inside and it takes some practice.

To start, one question to ask yourself about anything is this:

If no one was going to know, if no one was available, if it didn’t matter what I did or said – if I did or said it or not, if this person or that person wasn’t in the picture, if it was just left to me and it wouldn’t be wrong or right, how do I feel about this?


How you feel and what you think are two different things – which can sometimes align but doesn’t always. What you think or what you think you should feel comes from your life experiences. How you really feel comes from the eternal, unrestricted part of you. It doesn’t have a belief of what it should or shouldn’t. It just is and just does. It may take a lot of digging to get to the latter but this is the most important thing you need to do in your life, if you want to be fulfilled. Fulfillment never comes from doing what you think you should do. It comes from following how you feel. This is why some don’t feel at peace or feel fulfilled even when they seem to be doing so well, according to society. That comes from being where your Being is and not where your Mind and others think or believe you should be.


Look at children, they are always happy doing what they feel – not paying attention to what you think, and they are never happy doing what others want them to do, unless it coincides with what they feel like doing. This is the reason for the so-called teenage rebellion or tantrums. However, many get trained into following their Minds and conforming to what they should do and be, instead of what their Being is saying, by how they truly feel.



What about actions? Do we just sit and feel for the rest of our lives?

Your Being communicates through feelings, which lead to actions. Your Mind communicates through thoughts, which lead to actions. Either way, there are actions but the kicker is what is inspiring those actions.

The best way to follow your Being is to not think about the feeling. When you allow your thoughts (the home of your Mind) to process your feelings, it can get muddled up with what your Mind is saying. This is why some things are tricky when doing them, because you believed you felt it but it didn’t go the way you expected. Also, it may make you delay the action you need to take because your Mind keeps bringing opposing thoughts and beliefs to it.

However, this way requires you to be in sync with your Being. When you are, do what you feel. Don’t analyse it. Your Guide will simply lead the way and just like you are doing with your Being, don’t analyse the guidance. This requires trust and a deep connection with your self – Your Being. Have you heard of the saying, “Trust yourself”? This is what we mean here.

Others may have the best intention but you really can only trust your Being and Guide to lead you in life, no one else has the connection that only you can have with these. This will not be seen as “normal”, in the society and goes against most of what it teaches – unless you want to live a “normal” life, in which case, feel free to disregard what you have read.


If you need more help, we are here for you.



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