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To round up the series, it is important to remember that the Being and the Guide are simply positive and Love-filled vibrations. There is never an intention for negativity. When you hear the saying, everyone is inherently good, it is true.

The Mind, on the other hand, is a vibration filter – which means that it can be either good or bad, depending on experiences.

One of the things the Guide does is to help your Mind align with your Being. This is part of the “awakening” process. It begins the process of transforming your Mind from its fear-filled, bondage-excusing, limitation-accepting self to a vibration of freedom, joy and endless possibilities. Your Mind truly becomes “born-again” and starts a new process of learning Life from a different perspective – your Being’s.



Who is Omni?

This series will not be complete without mentioning the Source of it all.

This is what some know as the Creator, Source, Universe, God, etc. On this site, we call it Omni and/or Alpha.

Omni means Everything or All.

Alpha means Beginning.


This is the all-encompassing vibration of vibrations. The beginning of it all.

Christians would usually call God, “the Alpha and the Omega”, “the beginning and the end”, however here, we do not refer to it as Omega, because there is no end. It is eternal. Omega signifies that there is an end.


Omni is the provider of all – good or bad. It is a neutral, vibration of Love, Peace, Joy and Freedom. It is like air, available to all. It is like the sun, it shines for all. It is like water, it doesn’t shy away from anyone, who wishes to fetch from it. It is both ‘heaven and earth’. It is not one thing but many things, in One. Your Being and your Guide are all parts of Omni. Your Being has everything it wants in its path. Omni has provided this. Your Guide just leads it on the best route. Omni is the road your Being is driving on.

When you know this, you realise that everything you want is already provided for and that you are a very powerful vibration, directly connected to Omni – the Source, the Universe, God.

You do not have to wail and weep, asking for provision because it is not withholding anything from anyone. You just have to align with your Being and Guide to receive all that is on your path.


If you need more help, we are here for you.


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