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Many people, upon hearing that one should only or mainly follow their Being’s desires, ask if this means that they can choose to do anything they want to to do. The answer to this starts with a question – Who is the “you” choosing the action? That’s where the answer lies. Anyone who asks this question is asking from the Mind’s point of view.

The direct answer is this: If it is your Being driving you to it, follow your Guide and do it. If it is your Mind, check with your Guide first. It may or may not be okay to do.

This is actually the basic statement that encompasses this whole series.


Another thing many who ask this question ask is “if person A is doing something, it means I can also do it as long as I am happy, right?” The answer to this is similar to the first. Check with your Being to know if what person A is doing is what it also wants to do, in which case, you wouldn’t even need to ask it because it will do what it came to do anyway.

Also, check with your Guide to know if person A’s destination or location  is on the navigation system – meaning, is on the same Path/road as you? If it is, you are headed there then but not because person A is headed there too. If it is not, you will be wasting your time trying to go where person A is going when it is not on your Path.


There are many factors that determine what people do and the reasons for doing or not doing them. If you allow your Mind to try to understand it all, instead of focusing on your own life and journey, you will not be a very happy person. Life will be a struggle for you. One of the main reasons why you must not judge others or try to copy someone else is because you cannot make conclusions on someone else’s life unless you are actually living their life for them and hearing from both their Beings and Guides.


What matters to your Guide and what your Being won’t do

Your Being always has the best intention for whatever it desires. It is to personally experience positivity, joy, peace, freedom, satisfaction ,etc in many different forms. It seeks this in every area of life because this is what it is. Your being has not come to intentionally hurt but on its road to experiencing these things, if someone else who is not aligned with their Being and Guide suffers in the process, there is nothing it can do about it. It is the person’s lesson to learn. Anyone who is aligned with their Being and Guide will never try to control anyone else and suffer on their behalf, if they are not following.

Your Being will never lead you to take what belongs to a person, for example.

To determine the alignment of an action and to understand what matters to your Being and Guide, check the intention.

If you take what doesn’t belong to you, why? Did you want that thing so badly that you felt you cannot have it unless you took it from someone else? Did you believe there is lack in your life and the only way to receive that thing is by taking it from someone else?

There is no other reason to steal other than because of a lack consciousness or mentality (in other words, the Mind), in which case you are not following your Being and Guide. There is no lack on their Path.


Here are two examples to further explain the difference between Mind’s desire and the Being’s desire:

1) You desire freedom to be fully expressive in your creativity or you desire more financial freedom to achieve some things you desire to do. The desire is strong. You feel the presence of this freedom so close but it’s not coming. You either ignore or are unaware of your Guide’s direction to receive/attain it. If your Guide is leading you to wait, you feel it can’t be right because every other person is teaching to jump in head first. Your Mind comes up with a perfect, foolproof plan (as it always does) and you rob someone or somewhere or you jump into a business venture. You feel this is what the desire was. You know it was leading you to this robbery or business. How else were you supposed to receive this money? The opportunity presented itself. You couldn’t rest until this desire was fulfilled. Now it is…..but you don’t have peace. You can deny the lack of peace or you may even be unaware of the lack of peace because you are used to not feeling it or paying attention to how you feel.

The lack of peace means that you are not where your Being and Guide are. Your Mind took over…jumped out of the car or something, in opposition to or neglect of your Guide’s direction.


2) You feel the same desires and your Guide leads you to win the lottery or a job that you truly enjoy but your family does not believe in the lottery system or hates the job you do and thinks it is inappropriate or beneath you or not a real job. Perhaps they feel you should be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer and everything else is a waste of time. Perhaps you taking that job is a source of heartache to your parents who struggled to send you to medical school and paid a lot of money. Perhaps you get disowned for being a disgrace to the family of wealthy bankers, while you are simply a hippy sketch artist or writer or an entrepreneur or actor.

You see that in both examples, you have hurt people but in the first one, it was an active/intentional harm – something you did TO someone to hurt them, while the other one was not. This was something you did FOR yourself, peace of mind and happiness but other people are losing The Mind over, not seeing what you (your Being) can see. In the so-called “non-work”, you are fulfilled and satisfied and enjoying the peace you can only feel when your Mind is aligned with your Being and your Guide. You find that when you start “making it”, those same people will come back and become supportive.

You also see that taking action that is not led by your Guide can result in unnecessary results. You do learn from everything but everything isn’t necessary.


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