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There are many words/terms/labels given to superphysical (i.e: spiritual) concepts. These names really do not mean anything besides helping one know how to address topics or understanding what the other person is saying. It is necessary, therefore, in that regard. However, there are no names or labels in the superphysical realm…just vibrations. No words are spoken or needed, just felt. Feeling is deeper and more intense than the normal physical feeling humans possess. The physical ‘sense of feeling’ is only a small mirror to the superphysical one – which is the only way to communicate.

The names given do not matter. One can feel free to use any term they feel comfortable with. What matters is what it means to you. One thing to note is that words are not always enough to explain or describe the superphysical and its concepts. It can never be because it is limitless and eternal.


One of the concepts named, for better understanding, is that of the Spirit/Inner Being/Soul, etc. Here, we use the term “Superphysical” instead of “Spiritual”. It generally means the same thing but lends a deeper, specific and more personal connotation for this site’s Author than the widely used term(s). Some of the terms have been used here, interchangeably in the past but we have decided to specify things a lot more.


The Superphysical Being

This is also known as the Spirit/Inner Being/Soul/Heart, etc. This is the Being of the Human. This is the driver of the car, that is the body. This is the most important version of you, if you actually want to know who you really are. This is the part that is connected to the superphysical world.

This you is only vibration, as is everything superphysical or not/beyond physical. The only way it communicates is through desires.

Your Being is/You are here to experience – to feel what it wants to feel – and through a human body, experiences come through the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. This is what drives you, and in this limited society, it can often drive you to do things others or your mind may not understand.

Your Being only knows what it wants and wants what it wants. You can say it has tunnel vision and is selfish. Yes, it is all about itself and the experiences it has come to feel. It does no other thing but that and says nothing but (try to) drag/move/drive you to what it wants.

This is where the Mind comes in.



The Mind

Your Mind is like the passenger of the vehicle, which is your body (with your Being, as the driver). Your mind is the “Physical Soul/Being”, so to speak. The version of you that is connected to the world it lives in. It is that passenger who tries to drive with their words – tries to control the driver, instead of relaxing and letting the driver drive. Your mind, as the passenger, often fears that the driver (your Being) is not driving properly or is going the wrong way, etc and just won’t stop trying to distract it with fearful, negative, cautionary, remarks or warnings. It always means well but it just cannot see what your Being is seeing and doesn’t know where your Being is going. This is a frustrating and terrifying thing for your Mind to handle.

The Mind is generally practical and since it is the storage of all things physical, it has lots of first, second and third-hand experiences to warn your Being against, as well as hear-says, superstitions and rumours.

However, if it is not clear by now, your Mind operates out of fear (that something may go wrong), greed (that something may not be enough, therefore more is needed in that moment), lack (that something isn’t available and may never be), etc and it can also operate out of resistance to the unknown, the unacceptable and the unwanted by society’s standards.

This is where the Superphysical Guide comes in.



The Superphysical Guide

This is what is also known as Holy Spirit/Higher Self/Voice or Spirit of God/Guardian Angel/Spirit Guide, etc.

This Guide is like an automatic navigation system in the car. The driver (Your Being) wants to go anywhere or do anything, the navigation system (the Guide) finds the best route to go where it wants to go. Your Guide will always, I repeat…ALWAYS take you where your Being wants to go.

Your Guide, with it’s overview of what is and what can be, will also possibly guide you to do things your Being is drawing you to do in a way you may not be expecting to do them. This is because it can take many things into consideration – such as your Mind’s society, cultural, family, personal, etc beliefs, standards, laws and will guide you around any of those things that may be in your way, as a physical person, to eventually get to the end goal.

For example, Your Being will push/move/drive you to speak to a particular person, for one reason or the other. This desire to meet with this person gets stronger everyday or it is simply there everyday, even if your Mind tries to ignore it. Your Guide knows the best time, the best place and the best approach to meet this person and its job is to guide you in the steps needed to reach the goal – which is to meet with this person and experience whatever is desired.

So, it is necessary to not only be aware of your Being and what it is drawing you to but to also be aware of your Guide and it’s leading towards what your Being is drawing you to. In the example, if you are only aware of your desires, prompted by your Being, without being aware of your Guide’s navigation, you may have a negative experience in what was supposed to be positive. This means you may take an action before or after the best time, approach at the wrong time or with the wrong attitude or words, etc.

However, the good news is that no experience is the end. There is always a lesson to learn from something. Whatever your Being wants to experience will be experienced in one way or the other. Even if it didn’t go well the first time because you didn’t follow your Guide’s lead, the same or a similar or a different opportunity will still arise to experience that which your Being intends to experience.

So everything is always working out and no experience or opportunity is lost for good.


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