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When some people learn that their Being came to experience and nothing else matters to it but that, they often ask, “If we have come to experience certain things, what about our free will? Can’t we choose what we want to do or not do? Is life, therefore, predetermined?

The answer is: You have free will, which is the prerogative of your Being – the eternal part of you. Your mind doesn’t have this free will, in one way and does, in another way. Meaning, it can choose to align with your Being and live happily or go against it and just not be at rest. However, life is not for your Mind but for your Being. Your Mind is simply the filter of your Being’s experiences.

We have used the car, driver, passenger and navigation system analogy throughout this series. To continue with it, think of this as the car (the body) belongs to the driver (your Being) and the navigation system (the Guide) also belongs to the driver. The destination and journey are also that of the driver, who set off on this journey. The passenger (the Mind) can choose to follow the driver on their journey peacefully or complain the whole way or get off the car. As you can see, there is no unfairness here.

The Being has all the free will in the world and beyond to choose what it wants to experience. Your life is predetermined in the sense that your Being is the leader and everything must align for its desires, making it seem like some things must happen no matter what and other things may or may not. It also means that anything you do outside of your Being’s desires and Path will either not work or not work permanently or you will not feel fulfilled, at peace, comfortable and satisfied in it.

It is important to know that you are the Being and you are also the Mind. Therefore, either way you have free will but one part of you is Boss and the other is an Adviser, with its own agenda sometimes.

Another important thing to know is that your Being (You) has the free will to choose the specifics of your desires as you move along your Path/Life. The events of your life, in that regard, have not been predetermined. Your Being has come to experience all that it is (Joy, Love, Freedom, etc), in many different forms and will only choose what those things specifically are, as life goes on. Therefore, there are always new desires and corresponding experiences that your Being is choosing and having through your body. These desires and experiences can be big or small, significant (to your Mind) or not, fleeting or lasting, only for you or including others, etc.


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