This is Part 2 of the 5-part series. The 1st part begins with this post, What are they?|The Being, The Mind and The Guide. If you haven’t read it yet, it may be important that you click on it and read first, in order to understand this part.


There are two sources of desires a human will have. One from the Being and the other from the Mind. It is important that you know your Being – get to know who you really are – so that you can learn to start differentiating between these two types of desires.

As we mentioned in the first part of this Series, your Superphysical Guide will always lead you to the desires of your Being, ALWAYS. The same cannot be said for the desires of your Mind. This is one of the reasons some desires get fulfilled (no matter how long it takes) and some don’t.

Another reason why you should get to know, not just your Being, but your Guide is that both types of desires can be either weak or strong. The only difference is that the one from the Being will be persistent – it always will be. The Mind’s desire can also be but will never outlive the one from the Being. This is why you find that you sometimes seem to outgrow some desires or they fade, while you never forget some desires, even when they aren’t pushy or strong. It just keeps lingering and reminding you of its existence.


Also, some desires are urgent or immediate and if it is highly necessary or important for your Being to experience at that point, you cannot stop yourself from moving towards it. The desire will be so strong, it will be uncontrollable and inevitable that you will experience it.



Confused and Unfulfilled  Life

If a desire of your Mind coincides with the desire of your Being, meaning if it is still on the road your Being is headed and your Being either wants to also experience it or just doesn’t mind having the experience, it will be so. In other words, your Guide allows your Mind to lead your body on this one. It simply stays silent and when asked, will tell you “to do or not to do – it wouldn’t matter”. It doesn’t clash with what you are here for. It doesn’t take you out of your Path.

Think of this as the car passenger wanting to pick up something on the way. If the location (the experience) is on the road the driver (your Being) is moving the car (the human Body) towards, then all well and good. The driver can simply make a quick stop where the passenger shows it to stop. However, if the location is off road, the driver (your Being) will not go there because the navigation system (your Guide) is only programmed to go to its rightful/original destination and everything it does is in connection with that. It will not be reprogrammed to suit the passenger.

Therefore, your Guide is only here to work with your Being and help your Mind align with it – to avoid unnecessary suffering and worry.

As you can see, life is not your Mind’s to live but your Being’s. When people have issues in their life is when they pay attention to their Mind. The passenger keeps struggling to move the car where the driver and the navigation system aren’t headed or pointing to.



The Good Life

When the Mind aligns with the Being and the Guide, it is a smooth sailing life. Things are always working out. Desires are always fulfilled. Experiences are always beneficial and outcomes are always necessary.

Your Superphysical Being has many desires. It always FEELS good but doesn’t always LOOK or SOUND good (to the Mind). Where is your heart calling you towards that your Mind is afraid to go? Where is that Voice leading you?


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