There are different types/perceptions/personalities of energy. Just like Sun, Moon, Air, Water, etc, are different types of energy that we perceive here on earth, there are also ones that we cannot see or taste or hear but we can feel.

For the purpose of this post, we will stick to the energy labelled as “male/masculine” and the energy labelled as “female/feminine”.


These two energy are polar opposites. Sometimes, they work hand in hand and other times, they clash/repel or work best separately.

One thing to understand is that the energy labelled as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ have nothing to do with human gender. Any individual can have these energy in either of these amounts:

1) 90% “feminine” energy and 10% “masculine” energy; OR 90% “masculine” energy and 10% “feminine” energy,

2) 80% feminine and 20% masculine; OR 80% masculine and 20% feminine,

3) 70% feminine and 30% masculine; OR 70% masculine and 30% feminine,

4) 60% feminine and 40% masculine; OR 60% masculine and 40% feminine,

5) 50% feminine and 50% masculine


When you understand that everyone has a measure of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energy but the percentage can differ from one person to the other, you will begin to see why gender roles are limiting, at best. Gender is simply biological – and necessarily so – but gender roles are based on ignorance of these spiritual/energetic concepts. Anyone who has…say, 90% feminine energy and 10% masculine energy will generally “act” (depending on culture, upbringing, environment, mindset, personality) but definitely FEEL a certain way, regardless of their physical gender. The same is so for others in different categories.


As you can see, a woman does not have to have more “feminine” energy than a man. Therefore, a woman does not have to “act” more feminine than she truly feels, and vice versa. Some women have more masculine energy than some men, and vice versa. No gender possesses exclusivity to an energy. This is the same with personality. Nature has made it so. They both have what they have but society, upbringing, culture, etc can determine how they act and what they believe they should do. However, one cannot quench how they feel and their true nature. Deny it? Yes. Avoid it? Yes. Bury it? Yes. Erase it? No.

This post here explains this concept as well, in terms of transgender, etc. The truth about gender identity and sexual orientation.



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