Q: Should spiritual work be free or should people charge?


A:  The short answer to each question is Yes and No.

The long answer is this: There are no collective ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts’, regarding this. If you want to charge, it’s up to you, your Spirit and your Path. If you don’t want to, it is same. Most especially, one should do what they feel satisfied with.

On another hand, every worker deserves some sort of compensation for their work – exchange of services/products, monetary compensation (salary, wages, fees), etc. It is deserved. Now it is up to the worker to decide if they wish to follow up on what they deserve.

The category of work is inconsequential to the deserving of compensation. Anyone who provides a service/product/entertainment, etc to someone has a true right to charge for it. It is as simple as that.

Most who do not charge for spiritual work simply do not believe they deserve to do so, mainly because of how society sees the concept of charging for spiritual work. Very few do not charge because they simply do not want to, even though they know they can and deserve to do so.

Many who charge do so because they understand they have the right. A few of those who charge feel they do not deserve it but they want to and need to. Some of the ones who charge are only doing the work in order to gain something in return but truly have no true intentions of providing a service. Meaning, if there was no compensation, they wouldn’t do what they are doing.


As you can see, there are different kinds of ‘chargers’ and ‘non-chargers’. However, the truth still remains that charging, in itself, is not wrong. What you can consider wrong is charging with little or no (effective) provision of work; charging because you can and providing little to no value for your compensation.

Fairness is key here. Those who work deserve to charge. Those who are charged deserve genuine, honest and effective service/product/entertainment, etc.


Q: Is there a balance between charging and not-charging? How can someone who is uncomfortable with charging for their spiritual work but still need to charge, do so?

A: There are two different questions here. For the first one, you can do both. You can charge for your work and still not exclude those who cannot afford to give.

For the second one, you may need to work on your belief that your work is not charge-able or you are not worth it or you do not deserve to charge. That is where the discomfort is coming from. A comedian who makes people laugh, a doctor who treats people with modern medicine, a psychologist who counsels people regarding their physical (mental/emotional) problems, a footballer who entertains people with their games, an app maker, clothes-seller, food seller, etc all can charge for their work. They can also choose not to. A person who spiritually counsels people or teaches people or heals people without modern medicine, etc can still charge. They are all working from what they have been given. Therefore, forget what people are saying and tune into your Spirit. It will guide you in what you should do – to charge or not to charge for your specific work, without the societal ‘good-or-bad’ mindset. Then do that.


Q: How do you do both charging and not-charging?

A: By charging for your work and offering to also work for free.


Q: Wouldn’t that be unfair to those who pay? Wouldn’t that make everyone not want to pay?

A: Two different questions. First one, no it is not unfair to anyone. Those who can afford to compensate for your work get a genuine,  honest, effective work from you. Those who cannot afford to pay for your work also get genuine, honest, effective work from you. If everyone gets genuine, honest, effective work from you, what is unfair about it? The feeling of unfairness, if there is any, is not about you – because you provided genuine, honest, effective work. It is on anyone feeling that way to work on the issue within them.

This is, of course, up to you too, to decide to give genuine, honest and effective work to both sides. You do find in society that people provide half the work they do for those who paid to those who didn’t pay, in the bid to either make it seem fair or get more people to pay. Your Spirit will not tell you to do this but it wouldn’t exactly care if you do, unless it affects something important in you. In which case, you are no longer where your Spirit is anyway. It is up to you but it brings me to the second question.


It would definitely make some people claim to not be able to pay simply because you also offer free. Well, this is where your Spirit is truly needed. This is why you need to walk close with your Spirit – in anything you do. As long as you are where your Spirit is, doing what satisfies and fulfils you – because it is where your Spirit is, compensation will come and will come satisfactorily. Any other thing, such as those who claim to want for free even when they can pay, will not matter to you. It will not affect your worth and your compensation. Your Spirit is not looking to be a ‘bouncer’ for those who can and cannot pay and if you are truly walking with your Spirit, it wouldn’t be a big deal. You will still get loads of honest people who can afford to pay and will do so. Your Spirit will also move (lead you) towards those who need your work – whether they can afford to pay or not and if you are truly walking inline with your Spirit, that is what will matter. Your compensation – which is sure, as long as you are where your Spirit is, whether it is through that work or through somewhere else, depending on your Path, walk with and guidance from your Spirit – is a by-product of your satisfying and fulfilling work.


As you can see, walking with your Spirit is truly the key to all things. The specific guidance you receive is invaluable and second to none.



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