Q: Should I forgive those who have wronged me? If so, why?


A: There are no ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts’, really. If you feel like forgiving your enemies or those who wronged you, then do so. If you don’t, then don’t do so. However, it will be nice or necessary or even healthy for you to forgive those who have wronged you. Bear in mind, I said for you, not for anybody else.


There will come a point in your walk with your Spirit – if you truly maintain this walk – where you will feel good about many things, including those who have wronged you. It may be easier to forgive those who have wronged you and asked you for forgiveness, but when that time comes, you will feel Love for everyone and everything. You will forgive even those who do not care that they have wronged you, let alone, asked for forgiveness and you will be at peace, simply because it comes with the territory of feeling good. You will do so because it feels good to do so, not because anyone deserves it or not. It’s just for you.

You will be (vibrating) so high that Love flows in you and from you. You cannot help but let go of it all and the reason wouldn’t matter anymore. You will realise people do what they know and can only act from where they are. You will realise where you are is so much more “spacier” than where you were, when you held on to what was done to you. Here, there is space to love all and allow all to grow at their own pace.


You will have more wisdom as well. Therefore, forgiving and loving them does not mean being a best friend to someone who has tried to kill you before and may still want to. It doesn’t mean wining and dining with someone who raped you.  It has nothing to do with that person. It doesn’t mean seeking out someone who has clearly told you they do not want to see you, and trying to make them accept your love.

Loving people has nothing to do with proximity. It is about vibrations and you can gauge this by how you feel. It is simply you letting go of how you feel about them and letting Love flow freely in and from you. It means if you see them, you can actually say hello or even have a conversation without feeling anything but Peace and Love and Calm in your heart. It means being as kind to them as you would be to a stranger or an acquaintance or a friend or a family member who has done nothing wrong to you.


This is not something that you have to do. It is not required of you but it is something you will want to do and feel up to, when you get to that point.

Until then, don’t put pressure on yourself to do what you are not ready for or what you are not comfortable with. If you can at least intend to, that is enough but even if you cannot have that intention genuinely, at this point, that is still okay.



If you need more help, we are here for you.



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