Q: Why is Gossip seen as a big deal? What is it with people and Gossip?


A: Here’s the thing about Gossip: It loves attention.

You will get to a point in your walk with your Spirit – if you truly maintain this walk – when you cannot entertain Gossip on your own, let alone do so with others. At this point, you cannot gossip with yourself – your mind/ your thoughts – on your own, without feeling uncomfortable – at best. This feeling of discomfort means your thoughts are not flowing along with your Spirit. It will always serve as a reminder when your thoughts veer into unnecessary and unloving places.

By this time in your walk, you may already have chosen to no longer entertain Gossip with others. You will no longer be comfortable and able to talk (and think) about anybody in the way you would not, if they were standing next to you (or if they were reading your mind).



What is Gossip, by the way?

Gossip really isn’t Slander. It can be, if it is a lie but it can also be the truth, in which case, you are not slandering the person.

However, Gossip is not just talking about a person, behind their back. It is sharing personal and often negative stories about someone, which they have not given you permission to talk about; it is privately or secretly criticising someone behind their back; it is offering opinions about what someone did or didn’t do, behind their back. Basically, it is making someone else’s business, your business, and making someone’s business, other people’s business. It is often something you cannot do, if the person was standing next to you.


If you haven’t gotten to the point of truly feeling disconnected when talking (and thinking) about someone in anyway that is not loving or positive or allowed by the person, don’t put pressure on yourself. You will get there. Just maintain your walk with your Spirit.



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