Many times, people may tell you that to be free or successful in life, you have to live a life of authenticity or purpose. However, they rarely tell you how to go about living that life of authenticity and purpose.


We will break it down for you here.

In order to live a life of purpose, one must first live a life of authenticity.

In order to live a life of authenticity, one must first be authentic.

In order to be authentic, one must either be raised authentically (to follow who they truly are) or go through a journey/process of inner transformation, from living a lie (which happens if one was raised to live according to every other tradition and expectation except who they truly are, through the guidance of one’s Inner Being/Spirit).

Going through that process of inner transformation will reveal layers (the amount depends on the individual and their life experience up to that point) of inauthenticity, which upon consistency and completion of the process, will result in becoming more – if not fully authentic and free.




Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now, on a deeper level? Yes, then never mind. No, then read on.

Is there something deep within you, calling for more and better, on a deeper level…a Soul level, that you cannot shake or explain? No, never mind. Yes, then read on.

Are you feeling a push from within, like a feeling of wanting to burst out and expand? No, never mind. Yes, then read on.


If you answered No, Yes and Yes to the questions, then this may be of use to you now or later. Either way, you have not come across this by accident. When it actually clicks is all up to you and your Life Path.


What you feel is your Inner Being/Spirit waking you up. It is calling you out to grow. It doesn’t matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are. The concept is the same everywhere but the terms/names/labels may differ. Christians would call this “The Spirit of God” or “The Holy Spirit”. This is the same Spirit within you. That which is part of the Source of all creation/all living Beings (Spirit). It is this Being within you that makes you a Human Being – a Being in human flesh. It is the real you. There are many Beings in other forms but this will be addressed in another post.

Whatever you choose to call it, is okay. It is calling you. You (Being/Spirit) are calling You (Mind). Listen. Look within. Answer the call.




Everyone has a different Life Path and different ways they perceive guidance. You may click on the post HOW WE PERCEIVE SPIRITUAL INFORMATION to read about it.

Find yours and follow it.

For many, they have been entrenched in traditions, beliefs, mindset and this process will break everything down to build them up again, one at a time. Be assured that by the time you are done, if done properly and completely, whatever you believe will be on a genuine, personal level and not because it was fed to you. For many, this process is going to be challenging – to face your Self deep down and basically “die to live again”. To overthrow your Mind and fully trust your Being/Spirit to guide you, when you have been raised by family, culture and society in general, to do the opposite. It is not easy but it is worth it, if you truly want to live a life of true purpose.


From this, you will begin to live a life of purpose. The life you came to this world to live. The life your Being intended – which is why you were born.


No one can walk it with you. Look ahead, not sideways or backwards.

Your Life Path is set before you. You can crawl it, walk it, run it or fly it. It is up to you. It is yours alone. You are not in competition.








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