Everyone has at least one physical and one spiritual sense that is dominant in them. This is how they best perceive the physical and spiritual world.

The physical senses are: Sight (Eyes), Taste (Tongue), Hearing (Ears), Touch (Feeling through Hands, Feet, Body in general), Smell (Nose), Feeling (Emotion), Mentality/Mindset/Brain/Mind (Mental ability, Mental reception, Mental retention, ‘Common Sense’, Belief).


The spiritual abilities or senses are:

Intuition (High/Divine Knowledge, High/Divine Reception of things without physical help).

Wisdom (High/Divine ‘Know-How’ and Understanding of things, concepts, etc, High/Divine Intelligence, High/Divine Insight).

Discernment (High/Divine Observation and Judgement of things or situation or energy, High/Divine Awareness).

Empathy (High/Divine Feeling and Understanding of emotions, beyond the “norm” and in a way that isn’t physically explainable or attainable).


Information or Guidance received through these spiritual senses can be perceived with the physical sense:

Knowing in the mind or heart, without logical explanation of how it came about,

Seeing with the eyes, of what is not physically there,

Hearing with the ears, of things not physically there,






It is very important for people to be aware of their perceptive abilities and spiritual senses.

This is how one can receive guidance easily from their Inner Being/Guide/God/Spirit, etc.


Many people do not realise this and go about searching for and trying to receive guidance in others ways except the way they naturally do. This is because they have not been taught to seek out their own natural dominant spiritual sense (s) and perceptive ability/ies.



How do you find your dominant perceptive ability/ies?

It is often easier, if you do not know your spiritual perceptive ability, to look at your dominant physical sense(s). Are you more of a visual person (Sight) or auditory (Hearing)? Can you often see more than others do, when you look at something physically? Can you easily see shapes, forms, patterns in mundane stuff that others may not usually notice or pay attention to?

Are you highly attentive, hearing things easily and quickly, unlike many people?

Are you tactile? Are you highly emotional? Are you highly logical? Etc.

These are the type of questions you want to ask yourself to find out where your strengths lie in your physical senses. Usually, the signs are all there.

When you know this, it is usually connected to how you perceive the spiritual world too.

For example, someone who is very visual in the physical world will usually also perceive the spiritual world or guidance, visually. Clearly seeing non-physical things with the physical eyes.

Someone who is usually emotional with physical things, would typically perceive spiritual things through emotions or feeling.

Someone who is highly attentive in the physical, would be able to perceive spiritual things through hearing.

Someone who has all three physical senses dominant in them, will also perceive spiritual information through all three dominant physical senses, etc.



How do you know your dominant spiritual abilities or sense(s)?

It is highly likely each person has more than one dominant spiritual ability/sense. You can find this out also by looking at your life and experiences.

Are you highly observant without meaning to be, catching words not being said, seeing things done quickly before anyone else does – if they do? You could have discernment.

Have people mentioned your high level of awareness, observation, wisdom beyond your years or peers, attentiveness, without you actually seeing it as a big deal or realising it? You could be wise and/or intuitive or discerning.

Do you just easily understand how most things are/work without formal study? You could be wise.

Are you highly understanding and can usually see where others are coming from/from their point of view? You could be empathic.

Can you easily tell what someone is feeling or thinking without meaning to or trying to? You could be empathic, intuitive, wise or discerning.

Can you easily feel the vibe or energy in a place or with people and either want to be there or leave? You could be empathic or discerning.

Do you somehow know things without studying or reading about them or any logical explanation? You could be wise or intuitive.

Are you a good judge of people and situations, seeing beyond images/facade? Etc. You could be intuitive.


These questions are of course, not exhaustive. It is just to give you an idea. Some abilities can overlap but once you start paying attention, you can easily tell what your strongest spiritual sense or ability(ies) is/are.



Your Spiritual sense(s) is the way your Inner Guide/Being/Spirit/God/Universe, etc will communicate with you. Again, many people are frustrated because they chase their Inner Guidance through other people’s dominant spiritual sense, not theirs.

For example, someone’s dominant spiritual sense and perceptive abilities may be receiving signals through Intuition and hearing but because their “Teacher/Guru,Pastor”, etc have told them he receives guidance through studying or discernment and seeing visions, this person ignores his own spiritual sense and keeps waiting to receive guidance by studying, from visions, from their Teacher/Pastor/Guru, etc but ignores what he has heard – or worse, declares his hearing abilities “evil”. Many people have had their natural physical and spiritual perceptive abilities blocked because they believe or others have told them it is not the “right” or “normal” way to receive information.


Learn to listen to yourself first and foremost. Pay attention to when and how you perceive energy/vibe and information from within. You will be easily guided when you become aware of this and follow it.




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