Q: How can I make my child more spiritual or teach him about spirituality?


A: You can’t. Your child is more spiritual than you are. See, when you speak of spirituality, you are really speaking about practices in spirituality, which in itself, isn’t spirituality. Also, many people’s spiritual practices differ. You want to know how to teach your child spiritual practices and have him learn to enjoy doing them, as part of his spiritual lifestyle.

Spirituality is about connection with Spirit/Inner Guide/Higher Self/God/Holy Spirit/Universe/Source/Superphysical world or realm, whatever you may call it. Being spiritual is about being connected to this…living a life while being plugged into it. It has nothing to do with practices.

So when I say your child is more spiritual than you are, I mean your child is more connected to the superphysical world than you are, simply because children haven’t got as much physical “world-ness” in them, as adults do. The typical level of connection goes like this: Babies > Children > Teenagers > Adults. However, a child or teenager or adult who makes a u-turn towards a stronger superphysical connection, will be as connected as a baby or close, depending on the person’s level of connection.

Babies are clean slates – living Spirits/Souls who are observing and learning about the world from their new body. The mind, which is the filter of the physical world and that which takes one farther from the Spiritual or Superphysical connection, is only beginning to be filled. It hasn’t collected enough worldly data to be effective.


So you see that babies are the most spiritual beings, followed by children, etc and you don’t see them sitting in lotus position to meditate or worshiping a master or carrying objects that will welcome or ward off energy or ‘om-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ for spiritual effect and so on. All those things are spiritual practices, which does not make one spiritual but only shows that one is spiritual – whether they are actually spiritual/connected or not. It simply makes one a spiritual practitioner.

Being spiritual cannot be measured because no one can see your connection to Spirit. You simply are or you are not. It is personal. Spiritual practices are what humans – with the ever-busy and scheming human mind – decided to come up with, to differentiate between those who are spiritual and those who are not. It is there to help those who are or trying to be spiritual, to actually feel spiritual. It helps some people get in the mode of spirituality/connectedness. The mind needs something physical to work with, you see. If it is going to cope with your spirituality, it needs a reminder. This happens until you learn to ignore its discomfort to things it cannot understand and control or manipulate.


So the question you need to ask is not “How can I help my child become more spiritual?” but “How can I let go of as much unnecessary physical world-ness as I possibly can, so my child is free to keep being spiritual?“.

It should be “How can I learn to tune in/plug in/ get connected to Spirit in order to follow step by step guidance on how to raise my child in who he is – which is a spiritual being?“.

The problem is not your child, my dear, it is you. When you learn to reduce the amount of physical world conditioning, his spirituality will be more visible. As his mind is filling up with physical world-ness, his connection to the Spirit is getting dulled. Be spiritual yourself (connect, plug in) and let him be free. Bring the physical world to him  – as well as keep reminding him who he is spiritually and treating him accordingly – but let him choose what he gravitates towards, through his natural spiritual guidance. Then follow him accordingly.


If you need more help, we are here for you.


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