Q: When and how does my mind become quiet?


A: There will come a time in your awakening process when you will get a realisation… an inner conviction that you must only think thoughts that keep you in a joyful state. This realisation comes with a state of joy…a stronger awakening to or awareness and illumination of the love within and around you.

This state has nothing to do with your physical circumstances. You feel happy for no reason – regardless of what is physically going on. You suddenly cannot pay close attention to whatever negative thing may be going on around you or in your life.

This conviction is not something you realise by studying or hearing someone say it. It comes as an epiphany and you know from then, you cannot be the same in your thinking. The method through which the epiphany comes differ from person to person and can also include someone saying it to you. However, actually experiencing the illumination and conviction in your heart and living it will only come from within. The former will be by you making greater mental effort to keep your mind still and your thoughts happy and positive – often without much success, the latter will easily slot in, after some beliefs, mindset and mental activity have been taken care of, in your process.


When you get to this point, your mind will still bring different kinds of thoughts to you. That’s what it does but you would have gotten to the point where you can always detect and catch the thoughts right at the beginning and put them in the right compartment : “to engage or not to engage? Does it allow me to stay in my joyful state or does it take me out of it? What am I feeling right now, regarding this thought or topic and is this a joyful-friendly feeling or not?”


When you get to this point, you will come to realise that like many physical conversations in the world, your mind has nothing much to say unless the topic is something negative, like concern, worry, judging others, stress, etc. Therefore, as you keep shifting your attention from most of what your mind has to say, you will realise there isn’t much coming from it anymore. Not that it still hasn’t got a lot to talk about but you are only paying attention to a few of them, those that allow you to stay in your joyful state – and ignoring or not engaging with those ones that ignite a negative emotion or reaction out of you.

Some people will be able to physically feel negative emotion rising up, like reflux and will learn to be able to push it down or erase it by simply letting the thought go and re-focusing on the positive ones.


The farther you go down this road, the less you will hear from your mind unless it has a positive thing to talk about. This is how your mind seems to quieten. You just get good at re-focusing till it becomes second-nature and as subtle as a blink.

Stay in your JOY lane. Don’t rush this process, you will get there if you keep following your Spirit/Inner Guidance.



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