It is important to remember that everyone is different. Not everyone will have the same likes and dislikes.


For some people, Sex – the act of penetration and moving in and out, for sensation – is only the final moment of intimacy and/or expressing affection. For these people, sex is not in itself something to look forward to, like a prize – not because it is bad but to them, the intimacy is the prize. Intimacy and expression of affection before, during and after sex is what causes the sensation of enjoyment for them. Sex, may or may not come with it – and if it does come, it is simply just a small part of it.


There are men who are this way too but generally speaking, women enjoy the intimacy that comes with sex, and not the penetration itself. That part is mostly meant for the penis. For most women, the vulva (the external part of their genitalia, which houses the vagina opening, as well as clitoris, labia, etc) is where the sensation is. Each woman has a spot or more on their vulva (clitoris or labia or both or other areas), where even a slight touch with anything can cause great pleasure.


A little personal statistics:

10% of women truly enjoy sex – penetration and thrusting in and out – with or without intimacy (which includes, but not limited to cuddling, kissing, sexy talk, smooching, touching, foreplay in general). What each woman truly feels is intimate and enjoyable will depend on their personal likes and dislikes – assuming they are truly aware of themselves and not what they have learned to like and dislike.

Most women have learned to moan, act all out of their minds and “enjoy sex – penetration and thrusting”, yet this isn’t the genuine reaction of 90% of women. While they may enjoy it, the man is enjoying it much more. Therefore, why women are expected to show enjoyment while the man is “giving it to the woman” is simply societal conditioning, where the outward expression of enjoyment is supposed to make the man feel good about it; make the woman sound “sexier” and the man stay turned on.

It is very obvious that sex – penetration – only happens if the penis is ready (which is: hard enough to penetrate). Good sex happens if both penis and vagina are ready, the vagina’s readiness being evident when it is completely wet ( which is a natural lubrication of the vagina, produced by a gland in the vagina) but that isn’t the general case, is it? The level of wetness differs from one woman to the other. This is why lubes for the vagina is a fast-selling product today. The naturally wet or lubed-up vagina simply provides a hole for the ready penis to have sex. This is the case for 90% of sexual experiences in society today.


Therefore, out of 100, 90% of women are putting on an act of enjoying sex – penetration and thrusting, or at least overplaying the enjoyment.

Out of the 90, 70% of women are not aware they are putting on an act, due to societal conditioning making it the norm and them not truly knowing themselves yet – beyond the said conditioning.


In conclusion, 70% of women actually believe they enjoy sex – penetration and thrusting – as opposed to intimacy as a whole or the sensation on their vulva. Therefore, they settle for less than they truly enjoy – making the man the receiver and rarely the giver.

10% of women know they do not, but it is the norm to act as if you do and when they act, they may or may not actually enjoy it. They simply go with the flow.

10% of women know they do not and own their sex life in ways they can receive the pleasure they deserve.

10% of women actually, truly and genuinely enjoy sex – penetration and thrusting, with or without the whole intimacy.



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