We all connect to something. This is what some people are not aware of, while some are yet to grasp and put into practice.

The different ways we all connect to Life can be divided into 2 main groups:


A) Physical

B) Spiritual



A) Mental

B) Emotional



Group 1:

A) Physical

This is to do with anything physical – the tangible things in life such as the body and material things like money, clothes, etc. Physical people can only or mainly connect with things or people if these things are involved.


B) Spiritual

This is to do with anything spiritual – out of this physical world, “other worldly”. Spiritual people are connected to spiritual things in different ways. They experience life in this way. There are varying beliefs and experiences when it comes to spirituality. Please note that on this site, spirituality does not mean religious. Religion is considered one of the many forms of spirituality but here, we use spirituality outside of religion.



Group 2:

A) Mental

This is a connection through the mind. People in this category are commonly called logical people. They are those who are able to connect with and understand things and people, mentally.


B) Emotional

This is a connection through emotions. People in these category are commonly known as Empaths or emotional people. An Empath is someone who is naturally able to perceive and completely understand the emotional state of anything (animal or place or thing) or anyone.


It should be noted that while some may naturally fall into just one category in a group, others may have a mix of both – albeit unequal.

It is also important to note that none is better or greater than the other. This is who we are, differently experiencing the same thing. People fight among themselves because they expect everyone to see things like they do.


We are all connected to energy or vibration but some are yet to consciously become aware of this.

We are plugged in all the time, emotionally or mentally, to the physical or spiritual or both.

We are in the world, with our different energetic/vibrational connection, for a reason.

Some of us are natural inventors, creators, encouragers, nurturers, healers, teachers and students/learners, etc of the world.

We are all sensitive.

We are simply sensitive to different things. Sensitivity has been misinterpreted, misunderstood, seen as weakness and looked down upon by our society, where strength is only seen from an aggressive/ outspoken/ brash/ assertive/ physical perspective.

Everyone is sensitive to something in life. Emotional people are sensitive to emotions, while mental people are sensitive to mental things. Due to this sensitivity, emotional people will easily become emotionally stressed, while mental people become mentally stressed easily. This is who we are and how we experience life.  Emotional people effortlessly sense emotional energy, which mental people are unable to pick up on and vice versa. Sometimes, for those who have a mix of both, they can mainly sense one and a bit of the other.

Often those who are ‘accused’ of being “too sensitive” are those who are emotionally sensitive.

Sensitivity is detectivity. It uses energy – which is what we are. A magnet is sensitive to magnetic metals. It can detect them. Without its sensitivity, it wouldn’t work as a magnet, which renders it useless for what it is meant.

Sensitivity is a strength and part of who we are.




As we have said that we all experience life differently, let’s consider how different categories connect with things and people.



People in this category have mental-intelligence. They only experience life through what makes mental/logical sense. They can only engage their mental senses as they navigate the world. They will only be able to understand things through physical study, research, experiment, proof, etc. They are usually happy in these fields: science, mathematics, engineering, law, accounting, religion ( theological aspect), teaching, etc.

Mental senses are brain-centered: reasoning, judgement (moral or immoral, right or wrong, true or false, pain or no pain, visible or non-visible), reality, justice, etc.

Physical or Spiritual : Logical people easily experience the Physical because they can perceive it mentally. It is concrete and tangible. Those who are spiritual will experience spirituality from a “makes sense” or ” doesn’t make sense” perspective. Meaning, they are not the type to have “blind faith” or become comfortable with spiritual experiences one cannot physically explain. They usually stay on the surface of spirituality because of how they function.

Physical senses are body-centered: smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing.



People in this category have emotional-intelligence. They only experience life through what makes sense, emotionally. They feel their way through life and regardless of what they see or hear, their emotional sense is what they depend on, as they navigate the world. They will only be able to understand things through emotional comprehension or empathy, etc.

They are usually happy in these fields: religion, psychology, mentoring, herbal or natural medicine, spirituality (non-religious aspect), arts (music, photography, etc), etc.

Emotional senses are heart-centered: perception, intuition, discernment, imagination, etc.

Physical or Spiritual: Emotional people easily experience the Spiritual because it makes emotional sense. It does not need to be tangible to be understood. Those who are not spiritual will experience the Physical from a “heart-centered” perspective. Meaning, they are the type to “follow their heart/guts/instincts” when making a decision.

Spiritual senses are: conscience/consciousness/awareness, faith, inner peace, telepathy, clear-knowing (claircognizance), clear-hearing (clairaudience), clear-feeling (clairsentience), clear-seeing (clairvoyance), clear-tasting (clairgustance), clear-smelling (clairscent/clairsalience), clear-touching (clairtangency), channeling, etc.


Remember that some can be both mental and emotional but one category is always stronger than the other, in terms of connection.



It should be obvious now that Mental – Physical people only experience and connect with Life through what we can physically see, hear, taste, smell, touch. Let’s further discuss Emotional people or Empaths.



It is important to note that all Empaths sense energy in some form, however not all Empaths are aware of this yet or are tapping into this.

Those, who are religious will experience this ability through different religious filters (depending on their beliefs) – some will not pay attention to it. Those, who are non-religious and non-spiritual will either also not pay attention to it or use it generally as part of who they are, without  delving into the deeper meaning or function of this ability.

Those, who are spiritual may not yet be aware of it but as they keep growing spiritually, the awareness will come and they will recognise this ability and go deeper into understanding and using it naturally. Some spiritual ones are already aware, tapping into it and delving deeper into this ability.


Since this Site deals with Spirituality, we will mainly look at this topic from a spiritual angle.

Besides religion, spirituality and neither of the two (beliefs and lifestyle do not matter) , there are:

  1. Different types of Empaths,
  2. Different forms of empathic information or energy,
  3. Different ways of sensing or receiving energy or information,
  4. Information timing.



1) Different types of Empaths:

Human or People Empath

This Empath is drawn to people and can easily connect with them on some level. People are equally drawn to this Empath in some way, without realising it or understanding why.

Animal Empath

This Empath is drawn to animals and everything about their energy connects with them. This is not the same as being an animal lover or owner. An Animal Empath may or may not be an animal lover but is not an animal hater either. They can just understand them and can often communicate with them.  This Empath is often unable to eat meat/fish – or will at least find it difficult to do so. This difficulty may sometimes result in different ways, such as an allergy to them or being repulsed by a meaty meal, or will simply not be that into meat – even if they can eat it, etc.


Vegetation Empath (Plants, Trees, Flowers, Grass, etc)

This Empath is drawn to trees, etc. Wherever they go, they can feel the energy of vegetation “calling out to them”. They often cannot handle seeing vegetables handled the usual way humans or animals handle them. This Empath is often unable to eat vegetables of any kind – or will at least find it difficult to do so. This difficulty may sometimes result in different ways, such as an allergy to them or being repulsed by a vegetable meal, or will simply not be that into vegetables – even if they can eat it, etc.

Please note that not all “nature lovers” are Vegetation Empaths.


Aqua Empath (Sea, Rain, etc)

Similar to the other types of Empaths.


Land Empath ( Lands, Buildings, Rocks, Crystals, Sand, etc)

Similar to the other types of Empaths.


Superphysical Empath

Just like in the physical world, there are many different Beings or Species or types of energetic forms in the non-physical world. We will call this world the “Superphysical”: above or beyond the physical world or explanations on physical principles.

These superphysical Beings make themselves known to their physical recipients. Their main role is to teach, inform, guide and help the recipient in their journey.

A Superphysical Empath simply connects easily with Superphysical Beings (the ones that make themselves known to that particular Empath) and receives information in different ways.

It is important to know that the Energy /Spirit /Essence of those who have died in this physical world is considered part of the superphysical.


With this, you can tell – from your personal experience – what type of Empath you are.

An Empath will not typically be able to experience energy or information through all the ways available but can possibly do so through more than one way. However, there is always at least one that is stronger than the others. This is what is considered their main connection to energy.

It is also important to know that there is no better or worse way. Each has their different roles to play in the world. Knowing where you naturally lean can help you understand yourself better and also further your awareness and understanding of the work you are here for – whether it has begun, is on the verge of beginning or will still come to fruition. It doesn’t matter where you are in your Life Path. You will get where you need to at the right time and in the right sequence for you.


2) Different forms of Empathic Information or Energy:

There are three different kinds of information or energy that an Empath can receive. While an Empath can possibly sense all the forms of information, one (or two) is usually stronger than the others.

They are:

Health Energy

Some Empaths can sense or read the health of a person, animal, place or thing. They are often drawn to people, animals, places or things with health issues.

Health Empaths can clearly sense medical conditions or illness – no matter how little. They can tell exactly, or very closely, where the problem is or what the illness is – even something as small as a mini headache.

Health Empaths can also feel the sickness or some type of pressure on their own body, where the other person is feeling it.

For example: a Health Empath can suddenly develop wrist pain if someone close to them (whether just physically in the same location or someone close to their heart) is having wrist pain or they can develop stomach pain if someone close to them is dealing with stomach cancer.

Empaths who have become aware of their empathic ability and are learning to work with it, can often tell the difference between their pain and others’, so they have a way to shut down their own reaction to the energy.

Also these Empaths can often tell where there is blockage or potential for sickness, before it develops – often by feeling this themselves, as pressure or pain and/or sensing the information through any method.

Health Empaths are the Healers, Nurturers of the world. They are in tune with the physical body and understand it or have this unquenchable desire/ motivation to understand it and do something about it. They are the ones with the innate passion for the physical wellbeing of themselves and others in ways like nutrition, fitness, medicine (natural or non-natural, depending on the Empath’s lifestyle or beliefs), etc.

Please note that not everyone who is into health, healing, nutrition or fitness is a Health Empath.


Mental and/or Emotional Energy

This is a similar concept to Health Energy, except it deals with emotions or the mind, not health.

It is important to note that people usually lump together the emotional or mental state. There is a thin line between them. They tend to work hand in hand often but not always. For example, over-thinking is a mental thing but an over-thinker will not necessarily react to what they are thinking about. When they do – either by becoming sad, depressed, happy, angry, afraid, etc, then it has travelled to the emotional aspect of their being. Whatever they feel from then has become an emotional thing but the act of over-thinking or worrying is still a mental process. While the emotional state is usually a result of the mental state, they both do not always depend on each other to function.

For example, someone can (mentally) find something funny and laugh about it. The act of laughing can either trickle down to their emotional state and they become happy or laughing will not be able to penetrate into their emotional state, therefore you get someone who is laughing but is sad on the inside. Laughter is not equal to joy but can cause (momentary) happiness.


A Mental Energy Empath will easily pick up on mental stress or activity, while an Emotional Energy Empath will pick up on emotions. An Empath can also be both. Empaths who easily pick up on  mental or emotional energy can also feel this energy as if it was theirs. They are often drawn to people, animals, places or things with mental and/or emotional issues.

For example, a Mental or Emotional Empath can start worrying or feel excited, depressed or angry for no reason, when such emotions are in the air – sometimes around them, or by internal connection to someone or something feeling that way.

Mental or Emotional Empaths can often understand how people, animals, places or things feel or think and have no difficulty seeing from both sides of a situation or argument. They are good at reading between the lines and telling what is not being said. They can easily tell who is being sincere or not, who is a positive or negative or toxic person and can be greatly affected by emotions or intentions behind words or actions – positively or negatively. They can easily sense what someone is trying to say, even before they say it.

This Empath can be misunderstood and seen as insincere, when they feel deeply sad or happy or stressed on behalf of someone else, as if the situation directly affects them. Empaths in general try to not show their feelings fully because of the “It’s not that bad” or “Woah, one would think it happened to you” type of responses they would get from others.

Mental or Emotional Empaths can often become drained or go through different mental and emotional issues due to the energy they pick up all around them. Those who have become aware of their empathic ability and are learning to work with it, can usually tell the difference between their emotions and that of others and they learn how to handle or avoid the reaction they may get from them. They also learn how to manage their own emotions due to the intensity of it, so as not to be overwhelmed by them. This Empath is susceptible to mental and emotional  fatigue, depression, hypomania or mania, etc.

Mental or Emotional Energy Empaths are the Counselors, Encouragers, Teachers, Mentors, etc of the world. They are in tune with the mind and heart; they understand them and/or have this unquenchable desire/ motivation to understand them more and do something about it.

They are the ones with the innate passion for the psychological wellbeing of themselves and others. They often seek to be of service in fields relating to psychology (whether officially or naturally, depending on the Empath’s beliefs and lifestyle).

Please note that not everyone who is into psychology – in any field – is a Mental or Emotional Empath.


***** For a Superphysical Empath, health and mental or emotional Energy is not applicable. If they feel anything, it is basically a mirror of the physical state and not directly from the Spirit.

For example, a Superphysical Empath can suddenly feel tired, dizzy, confused, sad or happy during communication with Spirit. This is not a physical, mental or emotional state of the Spirit present (they are neutral beings with no health, mental or emotional state or issues) but a communication of the physical, mental or emotional state of the subject or object of attention.

Further example: A Superphysical Empath, in communication with a Spirit of deceased person, can suddenly start crying or just sense crying. It isn’t because this Spirit is crying (Spirit doesn’t cry or express emotions, although they have what you might call “personality” or “essence”), it could be as a result of the emotional state of this person when they were alive or the state of the loved ones of this person or the Empath could be feeling overwhelmed, due to the intensity of the Energy present. Usually, this overwhelming feeling comes as a result of blockages and baggage within the Empath and more work needs to be done to heal. This is sorted in due time and not a cause for concern.


General Guidance

This is when the Information received is neither that of health nor emotion. It is simply a neutral energy or information, often in the form of day to day guidance and direction – either for the Empath or for someone else, through the Empath.

This type of Information is available to everyone – not just Spiritual Empaths. However, many have not tapped into themselves enough to receive guidance and direction this way and many are unable to do so, re: Mental – Physical People.



With this, you can tell if you are mainly a General Guidance Empath, Health Energy Empath, a Mental and/or Emotional Energy Empath or both.



 3) Different ways of sensing or receiving Energy or Information:

Empaths receive Energy/Spirit or Information through different ways. These are actually spiritual senses. Like all we have discussed so far, an Empath can possibly receive through more than one way but there is always at least one that is stronger or more noticeable than the others. This is to be considered the main way(s) of connecting.

They are:

Audio (Clairaudience)

An auditory/clear-hearing Empath is one who receives information by hearing it clearly with their physical ears, without doubt. It would be as clear as someone speaking next to you. Those who are in tune with their ability can have full conversations this way with Spirit.

This Empath can also get information about someone or something by hearing their voice or sound.


Discernment or Perception (Clairsentience)

A discerning, perceptive or clear-feeling Empath can feel strongly and clearly about something, someone or Energy/ Spirit. This feeling can also can come with physical sensations like goosebumps, shivers, the sudden urge to lie down, physical pressure, sudden flu-like symptoms, cold, etc. They receive information or sense energy through feeling. They is no denying what they feel. They are highly observant, without meaning to be and their discernment is strong. Most times, all they have – to explain what they know is that “they can feel it”. For example, they may walk into a house and just know that someone died there or someone had a home birth there because they felt it clearly. They can also have a clear feeling about someone – perhaps they feel something is not quite right about that person or they may have a strong feeling to go/not go to a particular place.


Intuition or Wisdom (Claircognizance)

An Intuitive or clear-knowing Empath receives their information through ‘knowledge from nowhere’, from a voice within them and without having any other prior knowledge about it. Information is just downloaded to them and they understand this perfectly and clearly like one would, if they were in a class and learnt something true and valuable, which they completely understood. They know about things without physically learning about them. There is a certain “wisdom beyond their years” vibe that is obvious to many they have come across.

Also, they also often receive information through images in their mind’s eye and through symbolic dreams, for which they receive intuitive interpretation, at some point afterwards.



A telepathic or clear-reading Empath is one who can communicate or receive information through mental energy. They can read thoughts/minds, tell things about you just by looking at you or a photo of you. They can tell if someone just had a bowl of tomato soup or a piece of chocolate cake.


Visual (Clairvoyance)

A visual or clear-seeing Empath is one who receives information visually. In the old days, they were called “Seers”. They see Energy or Spirit through trance or visions and especially with the physical eyes – just like Hearers can hear with their physical ears.

They can also receive information through clear and accurate dreams.


Taste (Clairgustance)

A taste or clear-tasting Empath is one who can communicate with Spirit through physically tasting things. For example, they can taste a cake baked by someone and tell who that person is or what kind of person they are, without previously knowing the person.

They can also taste instinctively, without actually putting anything in their mouth. For example, this Empath can suddenly start tasting strawberries when sitting on a particular chair and it would turn out to be that the person – alive or dead – who loved sitting on that chair, ate strawberries a lot while doing so.


Touch (Clairtangency)

A touch or clear-touching Empath is one who receives information or senses energy by touching something or someone. This method of sensing usually goes with one or the other methods, where once they touch something or someone, they receive an image or go into a trance; or they receive knowledge about what they are touching or they hear the information. However, the aspect of this ability to receive is always activated by touching things, people, animals or places.

This Empath can also sense by the texture of what is being touched. In this case, they can simply tell – without seeing it – what they are touching, what it represents and the story behind it. This Empath is accurate at reading things like people’s palms.

Another aspect of this method is that they can feel Spirit or energy in the form of touch, just as if someone physically touched them.


Smell (Clairscent or Clairsalience)

A scent or clear-smelling Empath, like sniffer dogs, can smell information from you. This Empath can smell the energy or natural scent of a person and tell where they have been, what they have done, who they are, etc.

They can also suddenly start smelling scents like perfume or cigarette smoke, where it turns out the Spirit present either wore the perfume when in the world or smoked cigarettes. It can also turn out to be incidents like murder in a particular place, where they smell fear, blood, etc.



This is an Empath through whom Spirit or Energy can physically communicate or speak to others. It involves a shifting of energy or essence in a body. This Empath is also known as a Medium. The general meaning of the word ‘medium’ is that through which something is transmitted or conveyed. So, in this case, it is one through whom Energy/Spirit comes and speaks.

Those whose method of communication is through channeling are Spiritual Empaths but not all Spiritual Empaths are Channelers/Mediums or have Channeling as their main way of receiving information.


With this, you can tell how you naturally and effortlessly receive Information or sense Energy/Spirit.


4) Information timing:

The timing of Information an Empath receives is divided into:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future


Some may be able to tap into the past, others may be the present, while others may have future information. An Empath can also access more than one but like always, there is usually a main one. Also, not everyone can access specific timing like “September 2nd” or “12:45pm”.


With this, you can figure out where your natural abilities lie.

Furthermore, an Empath can grow into/develop different forms of connection, as they grow spiritually but this has to happen naturally. Forcing an ability to develop (before its time or at all) is unnecessary – at best and a deviation from one’s Path, at worst.

*** The terms ‘Empath’ and ‘Psychic’ are interchangeable, however the word ‘Psychic’ has been misused and carries a negative connotation in many places.

All Empaths are psychic but not all Psychics are Empaths. Therefore, a true Psychic is an Empath who does not claim to receive information in all the ways, see everything there is to see and tell when it was, is or going to be. A true Psychic must first know who they are and where their strongest abilities lie, so that in trying to help others, they stick to what they are naturally able to do and avoid false claims.


Finally, this has hopefully shown that we cannot all think/react the same. There are areas of natural ability.



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