This conversation is in a very friendly and peaceful manner. The written words here cannot convey the tone used during this conversation but please know that those involved have love for each other and are genuinely either smiling, chuckling or laughing, throughout the conversation.


Q: Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice?

A: Before I answer, could you tell me in your own words what Pro Life means?


Q: Do you not know really?

A: I want you to tell me from your point of view. 


Q: Okay. Pro Life is basically the belief that a baby is a living being, right from conception and should not be terminated by its mother…without the baby’s permission, which it cannot give. Therefore it should not be terminated/aborted. If abortion takes place, it is murder.

A: Okay. Please tell me, also, what Pro Choice means to you.


Q: Well, Pro Choice is kind of the opposite. It’s believing that a foetus is still not fully a person and its mother has rights over her own body and everything that happens in it. Therefore, if she wants to abort the foetus, she can and it is not murder.

A: Okay, thank you. I know you are expecting the common answer of either, or but based on what you described, I have a different answer….


Q: …. But what is your answer from your point of view? What do they mean to you?

A: You are the one asking me about Pro Life and Pro Choice, so I have to give you answers based on your belief or interpretation or understanding of them. I am not the one interested in Pro Life and Pro Choice. That’s not how I think.


Q: Okay. Please go on.

A: Okay. So from what you have said, I understand both views. However, first of all, there is really no ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts’. The idea of “should not abort the baby” or “should abort the baby if I want” is simply a result of what has already been, spiritually. I will explain further soon.

Secondly, a foetus is not a living being from conception. A foetus is a living being when Life/Spirit goes into the body. Without Life/Spirit, a baby is not/will not be alive and it is just a body. Spirit inhabits a body when it chooses.

Third point, a woman does own her body but whatever decision she makes in regards to the baby in her womb is not actually her decision or should I say, it’s not always just her decision. Spiritually, it was decided by the Spirits/Lives involved – both her and the baby, which is the Spirit/Life that inhabits that (baby’s) body. Therefore, her physical “decision” is a result of the decision already made spiritually and she is simply carrying it out – sometimes, despite physical oppositions, depending on the situation – because the desire/need/urge to do so is stronger than she can ignore. She is the vehicle or tool through which this event is going to happen and it must.

Fourth point, abortion is both murder and not-murder. However, just like every other murder, it is permitted and decided by the Lives/Spirits involved. It is only a surprise or ordeal to the human mind. It is an experience both for the Spirit and the Mind. From the baby’s point of view, abortion is yanking a body from Spirit – like yanking off someone’s clothes. It is an experience the Spirit decides to have. This is the murder part because Life is in the body. On the other hand, it is not murder if abortion happens to a body without Life/Spirit (either because Life/Spirit has not gone into it or it left) because you cannot murder what is not alive. This abortion experience is simply for the Mother. Her mind is what this experience is for.

Most times, if not all the time, a person who experiences abortion from one perspective (The Spirit, The baby) will also experience it from another perspective  (The mind, The mother).


Q: Wow. So what does this really mean?

A: It means that the battle regarding Pro Life and Pro Choice is unnecessary, on one hand and on the other hand, an event that has to happen for some of these conversations to be had and some people’s eyes/minds to be opened to understanding that there is really nothing we do or don’t do here that has not already been done or decided by us, spiritually. It is both needed and not needed.

There are always two opposite sides, Pros and Cons, Give and Take.


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