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How to find your Spirit

Your Spirit is already within you. It is that Inner Voice, that Inner Guide, your Inner Self. Some call it your Higher Self or Holy Spirit or Voice of God or Intuition, etc. No matter what you call it, it is the same thing. It performs the same function.

It is energy or vibration and it leads you according to what you can understand. Each individual Path in life is different, so your Spirit will always lead you on your own path.

To start hearing from your Spirit, stop and listen, watch, wait.


There are different ways we naturally connect to the Spirit (that which is unknown; beyond our physical world). These forms of connection can be broken down into 6 senses, in no particular order:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Feeling
  • Knowing
  • Dreams
  • Visions and Trance

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A person will have all these forms of connection but may be able to connect mainly through one or two ways. Some people are not aware of this because they were taught to ignore these senses or reject them or they were not taught to hold onto and connect with them. A child will always display their main spiritual sense as they grow but the environment and people around them will determine how they handle it.


Here, let’s talk about the people who are reading this. Those who already know about it or are drawn to know more about it.


You and your Spirit are one, spiritually. It knows your main spiritual sense, which is how you connect the most. Your Spirit will always guide you through these senses and open your eyes to more of them, as you grow in your walk.

For example, your Spirit always works with you according to where you are. If you are at a point in life where you do not believe in seeing or hearing things, your Spirit will connect with you through, say, dreams: a safer way for you to accept the connection. It can also connect with you through other people – like sending someone you know to say something to you, which you know no one else should know.


As you grow and expand in your beliefs and mindset, it will connect with you through more ways – according to your comfort level.

Many people are taught to seek one or two particular ways of connecting but are not taught to find their own. This is why some can connect easily, while others cannot because they are not connecting through their main channel.


To find your Spirit, you must find your channel of connection.

Stop, wait, listen, watch.

Don’t just listen to hear because you may miss what you are being shown.

Don’t just watch to see because you may miss what you are being told.

Don’t just listen or watch and dismiss the message in your dreams.

Don’t just try to make yourself dream when you sleep and ignore the visions you get when you are awake.


*You see where I am going?*


Every channel is valid and it will be easy for you when you know your main channel, instead of trying to follow someone else’s.


Be vigilant and check all channels to know if there is something you may have missed. Chances are you will find something. Be still during the day, with your intentions clear and see what happens. Something may catch your eye. You may hear something. You may see something in your mind’s eye (Vision), you may see something in your subconscious (Trance). You may dream of something when you sleep and when you awaken, you may get what feels strongly like an interpretation of what you dreamt, etc.

Be open to all possibilities and simply intend to connect with your Spirit. Be patient. It will show forth.



How to listen to your Spirit

When you have found your channel of communication, your process of learning to decipher between the messages you get and the ramblings of your mind begins.

This is a process you will have to go through in order to strongly follow your Spirit without wavering.

The tip here is: If you have just started out on your journey and you are still learning to listen to your Spirit through your channel; if you are confused, not at peace, second-guessing it, ask for a confirmation. Ask for a sign. You will get all the help you need to strengthen you.



How to follow your Spirit

Trust. When you have gone through stage 1 (finding) and stage 2 (listening to), just do as you are guided. With each step of faith, you will get to trust more and follow more as everything turns out the way your Spirit told you it would.


This process can take from months to years, depending on the individual, their journey and their reception to their Spirit. One thing is for sure, your Spirit is always there with you and in you. It will always patiently love you and guide you, according to your pace.



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